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Family memories burning

When grief is complicated

Grief, we are often reminded, is a process, a journey that we are called to embark upon uninvited -- with the hope perhaps of accessing and integrating painful, sometimes agonizing and world-shattering feelings of loss. Grief comes even when loss is a choice, a conscious decision -- for example, the ending of a professional relationship that may have been positive or negative. Saying goodbye to your child as she leaves for college for the … [ More ... ]

Rumi the Persian philosopher

Compassionate musings

Some thoughts and resolutions centering on kindness and self-worth. Followed by the wisdom of others. ● I will treat myself with kindness and consideration. ● Because I treat … [More... ]

sailing into the great wide open

Into the great wide open

Reaching midlife has its ups and downs. You've worked hard and deserve to reap some of the benefits of your investments in life. The kids are either gone or rarely spend time at home. … [More... ]

family with child missing

When adult children reject parents

Being estranged from your adult child can be one of the most agonizing experiences in life. If your adult child has severed the connection, you undoubtedly have experienced pain and … [More... ]


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